Banana turon with langka

One of the most requested afternoon snacks at work is the banana turon with langka that you can buy at the Food Avenue in LP Hypermart for P5 each.

It’s great for merienda, when it’s slightly hot and some ice cold Coke. Now if you would like to cook it at home when you’re not doing anything and you have all the ingredients lying around, here’s how to.

12 pieces saba bananas (or plantain bananas)
native lumpia wrapper
light brown sugar
water to seal the edges
langka (jackfruit) in slivers

1. Peel saba bananas. Cut into 1/4 portions. So for one saba banana, there are 4 slices.
2. Slice langka smilarly to that of the sliced saba bananas
2. Prepare the lumpia wrappers to fit the peeled saba and the langka.
3. Lay the sliced langka and saba together and roll the lumpia wrapper. As you roll seal the edges with water. (see video below on how to fold Turon)
4 . Roll the bananas in sugar.
5. Pan fry gently the turon till these are caramelized and crispy. Drain to remove extra oil.
6. Serve hot with ice cream.

Here is a video for those not familiar with the folding/wrapping part. Remember that the video featured here is the traditional sized turon.

Note: Video is not mine, just grabbed from YouTube.

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