Beautiful Gong Shim

This drama is about the love story of two sisters and two men. The talented older sister has everything, including a beautiful appearance, and her younger sister, who is less attractive but still has a warm heart. And two men appear in front of the siblings: a progressively more attractive man, who moved into a humble rental room on the rooftop of their building and another man who is handsome and wealthy from a plutocratic family. The romance-comedy drama depicts an eventful and unpredictable love story by the four people from such a warmhearted point of view.

What I Think + Spoilers:

So I’m running out of romantic comedies to watch. This is another one on my list that I’ve been putting off. Actually nasa first page ng most popular South Korean dramas sya sa KissAsian. The reason I did not dive in is that the synopsis did not catch my attention. I felt like it was going to be a competition between a beautiful and smart sister against a dumb and ugly one. And yes, Gong Shim (Bang Min Ah), really looks stupid with that wig on however she’s not ugly at all. 

There’s actually a reason for the wig. She suffers from hair loss because of stress. She’s got a bald spot and she covers that up with the wig. At the finale though, her hair grew and she also gained confidence in what she does best, drawing.

Okay, so this is so much more than just a story about the two sisters. This is a story about the struggles of Gong Shim who all her life has lived in the shadow of her sister. There are instances that maldita din yung older sister, Gong Mi. But that was probably because she grew up getting what she wanted and she just took advantage of Gong Shim.

This is also a story about Ahn Dan Tae (Namkoong Min), real name Joon-pyo and heir of Star Group, who was kidnapped when he was 4 years old. He suffers from a visual acuity disorder that allows him to see things in slow motion. He is a lawyer who works mostly pro-bono. He’s poor thus he works as a part-time driver. He rented the rooftop from Gong Shim. He became friends with Joon-soo who actually was his cousin and the temporary heir to Star Group.

Joon-soo met Shim through Dan Tae. He, later on, fell in love with her too. Shim’s sister likes him. Joon-soo’s personality here is conflicted between helping Dan Tae avenge his kidnapping and protecting his Mom and Uncle who were the culprits. When his Uncle attempted to kill Dan Tae’s father (the one who raised him), he decided to help Dan Tae. In the end, his Uncle was sent to prison. He became good friends with Shim and the finale showed him and Shim’s sister drinking beer so that looked like they were going to end up together.

I’m not going to give a lot of spoilers though. Basically, this one is fun and light to the heart. You don’t need a box of tissue for this. The plot is just right. Sometimes, nakaka-stress yung simplicity ng mind ni Gong Shim. And Dan Tae can be cute and then cheesy in an instant. There’s a lot of funny scenes and it’s a happy ending too.

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