DOST final clearance – part 2

So after I got my final clearance from DOST Cebu – the second step to getting that passport is to get my NBI clearance for travel abroad. When I applied for my NBI clearance in 2004, I did not get a hit maybe because it was only for local emplyment. When I got another clearance in 2009, I got a hit with the DOST – SEI contractual obligation. So now, it’s time to go through the whole thing again.

We went to the NBI Dumaguete office (near Capitol) along with another co-scholar and it was packed. I was hoping that it was not busy because it was the Palarong Pambansa, but I was wrong. We went there around 10. We got a number, then waited for our number to be called so we could pay and have the application form. We paid P115, then filled out our application form (bring a pen since they do not have one there that you can borrow) then we were told to come back at 12. They do not have lunch breaks which is very good. That was 10:30AM.

We came back at 1PM, told the girl at the window that we were told to come back at 12. She told us to wait for our names to be called again. When my name was called, I was told to sit in front of the monitor along with the web camera and a biometric scanner. I watched while the girl encoded my information, making sure that the spelling is correct, and then she took a snapshot and my fingerprints on the scanner. I have to say, I appreciate the upgrade that they did on the fingerprint scanning, way back, we had to wash the ink of our fingers.

As expected, the girl immediately told me that I got a hit. They had to verify the  reason of the hit in their Manila office so we were told to come back after 10-15 working days. Although I already know the reason, and I have the documents to get that hit off my name, I don’t have much of a choice but to wait. So I guess, I’ll see NBI again in a month. We left NBI at 1:45PM.

DOST final clearance – part 1

After 10 years of employment, it finally sinked in that I have to get DOST off my back. I only needed 3 years of employment and I am way past that “3 years”. So after that whole fiasco with NORSU on getting my diploma, I had to find other ways of getting that clearance without my diploma.

I tried asking around co-scholars and I was told that I really need to get that diploma. Osric also confirmed that I really need to get that diploma if I was to submit it to the DOST Dumaguete (thanks to Osric for really taking the time to give me a call). But I was really determined to get it done without my diploma.

After hours of browsing the web for blogs of co-scholars, I found hope when I saw a post on that I could actually just email DOST National and attach my COE and letter of request. And so I did just that. After a week, I made a follow-up and voila my clearance is ready for pickup, I just need to bring the original copy of the documents.

My next dilemna is that it’s in Manila, I can’t afford to waste time and money just for that. So with fingers crossed I requested that they mail my documents to the nearest regional office. Thank God they said they could send it to Cebu and all I had to do was bring the original documents when I pick it up. After a week I called DOST Cebu to confirm if they have my documents and voila again, it was waiting for me already. And I didn’t have to bring anything to pick it up. So the following day, I left for Cebu and went to DOST and finally, I saw what that “final clearance” looked like.

Finally, I’ve taken that first step to getting my passport. It’s going to be a long process, I know but I am hoping that before the year ends, I am all set. In case you’re going thru what I am going thru right now, the following information might just save you time and money:

Send your final clearance request, with your COE and letter of request (address your letter to the Director, Dr. Filma G. Brawner) attached:
Fax: (02) 839-0086
You may call them at (02) 837-1333 or (02) 839-0083 to follow-up after 3 working days.

You can then request to have it mailed to the nearest DOST Regional Office if you cannot go to the National Office, in my case, it was mailed to Cebu. By the way, the DOST Cebu is located in Sudlon, along with the other government regional offices. You can contact them at (032) 418-9055.