Far Away Love

Plot: Straight-laced and emotionally numb rich-guy Shen An, a CEO of Shen Corporation, a food conglomerate, keeps having unlucky run-ins with Meng Chu Xia, a clumsy, soft-hearted but stubborn 28-year-old who’s raising her nephew Meng Xiang by herself. Park Hae Jin in (from My Love from the Star and Cheese in the Trap) plays the male lead, which will give you that Kdrama rom-com feeling. This drama has the same tone and similar structure as those archetypal K-rom-coms: Lots of funny, cute and screwball-ish parts in the first half of the series, while later episodes add emotional depth and drama. Plus an excellent ending.

What I Think + Spoilers: So after watching Cheese in the Trap, I followed Park Hae Jin to China. Haha! Chinese dramas tend to drag on, you have to get used to it I guess. I’ve only seen 3 so far but all of them, the female lead had amazing friends and showed what kind of friendship they have. Some scenes also dealt with the struggles of single parenting. Got me thinking if I will also have the same problems in the future.

I had another SLS on this one. Zhang Lun Shou who played the second male lead is also bae. Those dimples man!  He played Li Tae Di, Chua Xia’s senior when they were still in the university. He was a really popular student and had girls falling for him. They became close and was inseparable most of the time. He also played as Xiang’s father during an event in Xiang’s school. He confessed to her before he left to study abroad and she rejected him because she didn’t want him to stay because of her. I suppose she also just think of him as a friend.

When he came back, he was the CEO of an IT firm and had a lot of projects with Shen Corporation. He rekindled his friendship with Chua Xia in hopes that someday she will fall in love with him.

But I think her being insensitive of his efforts was just too much. When it was raining and he went out of the way just to pick her up. When Ron Nan died and he was there all the time.

It’s tragic what happened to Meng Xiang’s mom. Just thinking of leaving my son with my parents is already heartbreaking. She met Shen 15 years ago. Shen fell in love with her, she only thought of Shen as a brother. But Shen’s mom thought otherwise and made her life hell. Shen’s mom paid another guy to woe her which she eventually fell in love with. When Shen found out, he left for the States. When he came back, she was already pregnant with Meng Xiang. He actually helped her look for the guy. She then went back to their home and later on she found out she had cancer. She met Michael, an American doctor who was kind enough to marry her and bring her to the States to get treated. When Michael died, he left everything to her. She became the Director of M Corporation. She went back to Korea and originally plotted to destroy Shen Corporation.

The struggles of Meng Xiang, being raised by her aunt and high school drama. Also that scene where he got bullied because he doesn’t have a dad that will buy him a phone, aww, broke my heart. His first love and only friend Yao Yao. Rou Nan died when she swerved to avoid hitting Yao Yao that one night. Yao Yao had damages on her face that she had to get facial surgery by a Professor Ye, who they can’t find. Shen used Professor Ye as leverage to get Chua Xia to marry him.

I really felt like Ron Nan was a sincere friend. It’s just unfortunate that things happened that way. Why did they have to kill her? Sigh. I suppose they had to kill her character otherwise she’d be really pitiful then. Fei Fei on the other hand has ridiculous choices in men however she seems to be the wisest among them. Maybe it’s because of her experiences, her deductive and observation skills are good. I loved how she really pushed Tae Di towards Chu Xia. But somehow I had a feeling that Fei Fei and Tae Di would end up together. That scene where she pretended to be Chua Xia when Jae Ying visited is badass. This drama is well written.

Despite its 36 episodes, I finished it in one day and 4 hours. They did not show the major twists in the story until the last few episodes and I liked that. It ended with a happy scene. Chua Xia’s sister gave up on her plan to destroy Shen Corporation. She even gave Shen 10% shares as a belated wedding gift.

Love won on this one.

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