Something About 1 Percent (2016)

Plot: Growing up in a wealthy family, Lee Jae In (Lee Jae In) had the best of everything. As an adult he was smart, good-looking, had a well-paying job, in short, it seemed like he had it all together. There was just one problem, he was an arrogant jerk. Annoyed with his grandson’s arrogance, Jae In’s grandfather came up with a plan to humble his haughty grandson and maybe even teach him a lesson.

In order to inherit everything his grandfather was going to leave for him, Jae In would have to enter into an engagement contract with Kim Da Hyun (Kim Da Hyeon), a lovely school teacher with one of the sweetest personalities in the world. Forced to agree with his grandfather’s terms, Jae In and Da Hyun have no choice but to endure the next few months as best they can. Total strangers, with nothing in common and only a contract to connect them, things start out rough. But time brings about many changes and even the hardest of hearts can be made to soften, when given a chance.

My take along with some spoilers…

This show is pure cheesy, fluffy, romantic goodness. A beautiful story of how true love can change your life and the impact it has when you think you’ve lost it. The chemistry and the acting by all the characters, even side characters, were fantastic.

The story is actually quite simple that it’s so cliche. The tone of the series is very light, sweet and romantic with some funny scenes. The best part is that there are no angry or vengeful characters, the writers were straight forward and they focused on the love story.

The character development and progression of the story are spot-on. There are no rushed scenes. Don’t even get me started on the chemistry of the main leads, it’s off the charts along with the choice of music for the OST. It will make you fall in love with the characters more than expected.

If you’re looking for something light? This is a classic watch.

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