Intentions – financial freedom

So what’s your intention this 2023? What do you want to accomplish? And more importantly, how do you want to accomplish your goal?

Let’s start off with what’s your intention this 2023? What is my intention this year? Well, the most important thing is to be financially free, like literally no loans like Pag-ibig and SSS loans. Being the breadwinner sa family can be a bit hard, some of us are not just solo parents but also have to extend financial help to our siblings and parents. And with the skyrocketing price increase, sometimes mapapa-“kill me now” ka na lang talaga. So what do we do to cut our expenses and save more this year?

Ako personally, these are the things I’ve started doing. I’m not saying this might work for you nor it’s definitely working for me but in the past weeks, these items seem to be working for me:

  • Cutting on those Starbucks coffee – oh God, I can’t remember the last time I ordered coffee sa Starbucks from Grab. Last 2022, I probably did it daily. Now, I stick to the freebie 3-in-1 Nescafe in the pantry.
  • Cutting on the unnecessary grocery items – previously, I’d spent 7-8k for groceries every other week. Now, I only buy what’s needed for the week. And when I say, only needed, I mean snacks for Xavy and his meals, needed household items such as detergent and other stuff. I don’t linger on counters and sections I don’t need anything from.
  • Stop eating – this one might be a bit extreme but what I mean is stop those unnecessary cravings! I’m not saying you should deprive yourself of food, I think we should also allow ourselves to enjoy life. However, I think it’s crucial that we also focus on our goals.
  • Prioritize needs versus wants – this is more like on Xavy’s expenses. In the past, if he needed something for his game or he wanted me to buy a game, I would not hesitate. But now, I have to question whether he needs it versus he just wants. Most days, I can see his frustration about not being able to buy what he wants but I think it’s important that he learns that money is not always there. But I see him slowly accepting the idea that he has to evaluate his needs.
  • Get a better paying job – okay so this one is still in the works and very uncertain about this. I am okay with my full-time job right now and my online job which is flexible (thank God)! Do this if you’re 100% confident. I added this to my list as I have ongoing offers to move to a different company, but I’ve been with my current company for over 13 years, so you can’t really blame me for hesitating to move despite the higher offer.

So, that’s one of the goals this year. Now the question is, how long will the intention to achieve this goal last? How long will your intention last? It’s only been the second month of the year, it’s a long way to go but hell yeah! Bring on the rest of the year.


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