How to register your business with DTI

For small time entrepreneurs, parang it’s such a struggle to register your business. I mean, you hear a lot of horror stories about falling in line and having too much paperwork to do when you register your business. Which is probably why there’s tons of businesses out there na walang complete permits.

So you have a business idea. Congratulations! That’s where all entrepreneurs started. A business idea that you need to work on, nurture it so it can grow. Now with that business idea, you need to come up with some catchy name so people will notice and at the same time will pretty much have an idea what your business is all about. So once you’ve come up with a business name, the first step is to get it registered with DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

Let’s get started by going to DTI’s Business Name Registration System:

1. Click New Registration. It’s on the left pane, under Business Name Services >> New Registration. Read the Terms and Conditions (a must!) and then you can click on I Agree.

2. Fill-out the Owner’s Information.

3. Choose your Business Scope, there’s four (4) options with different corresponding fees:

  • Barangay – Php 200.00
  • Municipal – Php 500.00
  • Regional – Php 1,000.00
  • National – Php 2,000.00

Select the appropriate scope of your business. For example, if it’s a gasoline station, your scope is Barangay since you’ll only be offering the product in your location. But if you offer services in other regions (parang online seller lang), then you have to select National. Your Business Scope will also affect your Business Name. If you chose Municipal, that means no other business owners can register that name in that specific municipality. You have exclusive rights to your business name in the registered business scope.

4. Enter your proposed Business Name and check if it’s available. If available, you should get a detailed summary. If it’s not available, then it will ask you to try a different business name.

5. Fill-out other information (TIN number, address, etc) and then click Submit.

6. Download and print your Certification. Take note of your TRN (Transaction Reference Number) Acknowledgement which is on the bottom part of your online application form. You will need the TRN number when paying your fees.

7. Pay your application fees. You can do it online or at the DTI teller. I’d suggest you just go to the DTI teller para isang puntahan na lang.

8. Head to the DTI office to get your Certificate of Registration. After payment, you can proceed to the DTI office along with your printed Certification and proof of payment and a valid ID. You have fifteen (15) business to get your Certificate of Registration otherwise, your registration will be voided and your business name will be made available.

So pretty simple! I was able to do this in an hour, well considering wala namang pila sa DTI, it was a walk in the park. So go, register your business name before someone else has a similar idea.

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