Getting our PhilSys National ID

Nakakuha na ba ka ug PhilSys National ID? Kinahanglan ba jud mokuha ug National ID? Unsa'y requirements para makakuha? Unsaon pagkuha ug National ID? These were my questions and if you asked the same questions, let me share what I know since we got our National IDs yesterday. We all went to one of the … Continue reading Getting our PhilSys National ID

How to register your business with DTI

For small time entrepreneurs, parang it's such a struggle to register your business. I mean, you hear a lot of horror stories about falling in line and having too much paperwork to do when you register your business. Which is probably why there's tons of businesses out there na walang complete permits. So you have a business idea. Congratulations! That's where all entreps started. A business idea that you need to work on, nurture it so it can grow. Now with that business idea, you need to come up with some catchy name so people will notice and at the same time will pretty much have an idea what your business is all about. So once you've come up with a business name, the first step is to get it registered with DTI (Department of Trade and Industry).

Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

Ito yung apprehension ko eh, traveling to another country with Xavy considering he is a minor and an illegitimate. I've heard stories about how a consent from both parents is required if only one of the parent is traveling with the minor. Basically Xavy is legally considered illegitimate since his Dad and I are not … Continue reading Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

How to get PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate online

You need a PSA (NSO) issued copy of your birth certificate but you can't find time to do it? Welcome to my world. 😀 So I need one and my work hours are all over the place these months I know I don't have enough free hours to fall in line at the PSA office. … Continue reading How to get PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate online

How to get NBI clearance

Welcome to getting your NBI clearance in the digital age! At least kahit papano, dun papunta ang Philippines di ba? So if before you have to fall in line bringing your requirements at the NBI office, it's a bit different now. By the way, what does one need an NBI clearance ba? So for me, … Continue reading How to get NBI clearance