Getting our PhilSys National ID

Nakakuha na ba ka ug PhilSys National ID? Kinahanglan ba jud mokuha ug National ID? Unsa’y requirements para makakuha? Unsaon pagkuha ug National ID? These were my questions and if you asked the same questions, let me share what I know since we got our National IDs yesterday. We all went to one of the malls in the city that has a National ID satellite office. Mom, Xavy, and also our house help. Fortunately, my aunt works at PhilSys and she was there to assist us.

When they first rolled out the National ID, the sites were always packed with people and there was no online registration yet. Now, you can actually just go to the site and register there as the queues are not long. But if you want to have a confirmed appointment, it’s best to register online and book one.

To register online, you can visit Fill out the form and schedule an appointment at the closest site. This is what it looks like:

Fill out the registration form and then review the information.

Choose the sites available and then select the schedule.

Proceed to the appointment site and bring the original copy of any of the following primary documents:

  • PSA-issued Certificate of Live Birth AND one (1) government-issued identification document which bears full name, front-facing photograph, and signature or thumb mark.
  • Philippine Passport or ePassport issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA);
  • GSIS or SSS-issued Unified Multi-purpose Identification Card (UMID);
  • Land Transportation Office (LTO)-issued Student’s License Permit or Non-Professional/Professional Driver’s License

Visit PhilSys site for the complete list of documents – WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS/DOCUMENTS NEEDED FOR REGISTRATION TO PHILSYS?.

Xavy is only 9 years old, so what’s the minimum age for registration? The National ID is open to all ages, even to newborn children. Kung below 5 years old, their PSN data are linked to their parents but for 5 years old and above, all information is collected just like adults. But apparently, mo-change ang ilang iris scan as they grow up and naay ma-add na groves sa ilang fingerprints. Unlike passports nga validity for minors remained 5 years, they only need to update it when they’re 15 years old.

You do not need to photocopy your documents, they need the original copies and they will just scan them. They will capture your iris scan, fingerprints (all fingers) and get your photo. They will issue a transaction slip with your transaction number. You will need to present the transaction slip along with your valid ID during the delivery or if you pick up your ID at the Philippine Postal (PHLPost).

NOTE: PhilSys National ID is free!

The delivery of IDs has been extremely delayed probably due to the pandemic. According to my aunt, it will most likely take 6 months. But you can track the status of your ID by visiting PHLPost’s site – Input your transaction number as the tracking number. If the status says “Not Found”, it simply means your ID is still in process. By the way, if your ID is already at your local post office, you can opt to pick it up instead of waiting for delivery. Make sure to present your transaction slip and any valid ID.

The National ID is by the way not mandatory and is not meant to replace the existing functional IDs such as Driver’s License. The purpose of the National ID aside from providing valid proof of identity, it is for easier accessibility and application for eligibility to social welfare programs and benefits from the government. Sa basically pwede sya gamiton nila for basis of your “ayuda”. But who knows, 20-40 years from now, they might use it for other government services.

I hope this post helps. Since dili man sya mandatory and will not replace our other IDs, it’s entirely up to you if you want to get one. All your information will be in the government’s database once you register, as in ALL, including your iris scan. Honestly, if I had known prior to going to the site, I would not have done it. Anyways, it’s entirely up to you.

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