Going pro-environment with Human Heart Nature

Been trying to find an organic baby wash for my little boy for months now. I wasn’t sure about using Human Heart Nature products since I haven’t met anyone using it too.

Finally, a colleague recommended using their Sunflower Oil which another colleague was selling. Apparently, my colleague’s sister-in-law is a dealer. And to the surprise of the clueless me, this oil is actually a bestseller in the office. So I was curious and took the time to go through the time to browse thru their products and finally decided to try their Baby Care items.

I ordered their Natural Baby Wash (Php289.75 for 500ml) and Natural Baby Lotion (Php129.75 for 200ml). But looks like their Natural Baby Lotion is out of stock so I got a pending order with them for this item. My order went through on Thursday and the items were delivered to the office the following day thru LBC.

I have yet to try this on my little boy so I am not quite sure if this really works. But realizing that they do have a lot of products that are bestselling here at work, I have decided to register as an independent dealer. Form submitted today.

If you want to check out their items, you can visit their website at HumanHeartNature.com. You can also check out their Facebook account, Human Heart Nature and you can also contact their Customer Service at  (02) 224-2223.

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