Covid19 Vaccination for Kids (Xavy)

Vaccination for kids aged 5 – 12 started last month. As of writing, Pfizer is the only authorized vaccine for this age bracket. I got the Johnson & Johnson shot last July, about a month after I got Covid19. I also had Moderna for my booster shot last December.

Xavy and I are both asthmatic. When I got Covid19, my asthma was not that bad however I struggled so much with anxiety. Xavy however used to have worse attacks when he was about 3 – 5 years old. So when they rolled out the vaccination for kids, I did not hesitate about getting him vaccinated.

So what’s the process for getting your toddlers/kids vaccinated?

  1. Check the vaccination schedule with your local RHU or health center. They might have a schedule for adults but not for Pfizer recipients. It’s a must to confirm the availability of the vaccine prior to going to the site. For our case, I checked the FB page of the provincial government as they constantly post the vaccination schedule. I also had his Lola sign him up at the hospital where she works so he can get it there if they do have a schedule.
  2. Bring the following to the site:
    • Photocopy of the PSA issued birth certificate of the minor
    • Photocopy of your valid ID along with the original
    • Authorization letter from the parents of the minor if you’re a guardian accompanying the minor
    • Pen
    • Bottled water and snacks, assuming the site is packed
  3. Proceed to the vaccination site:
    • Registration – you need to fill out the vaccination and the consent form provided at the site. You need to present the documents and they will attach it to the form. In our site, they provided queue numbers.
    • Counselling – a nurse will briefly explain the expected symptoms the kids will experience and what they need to do. Xavy really listened intently on this part. I left him on his own and just watched him from a few meters away.
    • Vital signs station – a nurse will take their oxygen levels, blood pressure, temperature and weight. They will put the details on the vaccination form.
    • Doctor’s table – a doctor will review his form and the vital signs. She will then decide if it’s a go or no. On this part, I had to speak to the doctor and inform her about Xavy’s asthma. She basically just told me to stick around for about 30 minutes for monitoring. She also asked about his allergies, which he does not have any.
    • Vaccination!
    • Monitoring – you have to wait for at least 30 minutes just in case the minor suddenly feels unwell. This is also the part where they give you the vaccination card.

The whole process took us about 1 hour and 30 minutes including the monitoring. It was a very smooth process for Xavy. He just watched The Pirates: The Last Royal Treasure through the whole thing.

This post is just to document how we went through the whole thing. It is not meant to convince you to get your kids vaccinated. The decision is solely yours to make.

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