Freelancing: Upwork Pros and Cons

There's tons of online job platform out there nowadays but loyal pa rin ako sa Upwork. I've tried several platforms too such as PeoplePerHour and Got It Pro - Excelchat. Pero just like regular companies, may hiyang ka and then there are those wherein you just can't seem to fit in. So oDesk was founded … Continue reading Freelancing: Upwork Pros and Cons

Rockstar in Taipei (Part 1)

This ain't a spur of the moment thing, this trip took years of wishing and hoping that they'd lift the visa policy for Filipinos. And when they did, it took another year of dreaming before the trip actually came to life. So we basically decided to schedule the trip during their National Day, also known … Continue reading Rockstar in Taipei (Part 1)

Freelancing: How did I start freelancing online?

So I do have a full time job at an actual office about 10 minutes from our apartment as an IT Supervisor for the past 5 years. But being a single mom (without financial support from Xavier's dad) is financially a feat! So I had to find ways to keep the roof over our heads … Continue reading Freelancing: How did I start freelancing online?