Covid19 Vaccination for Kids (Xavy)

Vaccination for kids aged 5 - 12 started last month. As of writing, Pfizer is the only authorized vaccine for this age bracket. I got the Johnson & Johnson shot last July, about a month after I got Covid19. I also had Moderna for my booster shot last December. Xavy and I are both asthmatic. … Continue reading Covid19 Vaccination for Kids (Xavy)

Getting a Solo Parent ID

Mabibilang lang siguro the number of people who really want to become solo parents right from the start. Majority of the millions of solo parents (there's about 14 million solo parents in the country, according National Institutes of Health data) probably became solo parents because of  the various circumstances in their lives, and not by choice. … Continue reading Getting a Solo Parent ID

Financial support from Xavy’s dad

So I just wanna clear things out about getting financial support from Xavy's dad. Coz some of his friends and family seem to think he's being "responsible" and all and I am the one keeping his son away from him. Although yes, I don't want Xavy growing up with the kind of environment his family … Continue reading Financial support from Xavy’s dad

Struggles of a Single Mom

It's been crazy these past days, I had to juggle 3 jobs at the same time - one full time job and 2 online jobs. Hans' father only gives 5k a month, not even half of Hans expenses. And I got so pissed this month because he's weeks delayed with his financial support.This week has … Continue reading Struggles of a Single Mom