Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One

Twenty-Five Twenty-One tells a love story between Na Hee-Do (Kim Tae Ri) and Back Yi-Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk).

Na Hee Do is a member of her high school fencing team. Due to the South Korean financial crisis, the high school fencing team gets disbanded. Getting through all the difficulties, she becomes a member of the saber fencing national team.

The South Korean financial crisis also causes Back Yi Jin’s father’s business to go bankrupt. This leads to a life change for Back Yi Jin, from living the life of a wealthy person to a poor person. While studying, he works part-time jobs like delivering newspapers. Later, he becomes a sports reporter for a broadcasting network.

Episodes: 16

Original Network: Netflix, tvN

Cast & Credits: Kim Tae Ri, Nam Joo Hyuk, Bona, Choi Hyun Wook, Lee Joo Myoung

First impressions:

Okay, I stopped watching at episode three and will probably revert once it’s completed. I am not a big fan of Nam Joo Hyuk. Please don’t get me wrong, he’s an amazing actor and he’s also a cutie. Pero just like everything else, naa ra juy uban na dili nimo bet regardless of how cute and amazing they are as an actor or actress. This is my first Kim Tae Ri series. For the first three episodes, so far so good. Bagay niya ang character and I like her humor and clumsiness. I will update this post once I’ve watched all the episodes.


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