How-To: Get a replacement of a lost/damaged TIN card

So technically I never got my TIN card in the first place, was too lazy to go to the BIR office and ask about how to get one. On my previous post on How-To: Change BIR RDO address, I mentioned that I got my TIN online and that my RDO was in Marikina. When that got completed, I went back and submitted the requirements on how to change my S status to S1 (which I’ll probably make another post someday) and finally had the time to just get a TIN card.

So I told the BIR employee about my story of how I got my TIN online and I never really got my card since I got my TIN. Apparently, wherever you got your TIN is also where you should get your TIN card. I was like uh-okay, what do I do now coz I’d be crazy if I’d go to Marikina just to get piece of paper right? She told me I had to go through the request of getting a replacement of a lost TIN card even though I never really got my TIN card in the first place.

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How-To: Change BIR RDO address

Back in 2004, BIR launched the online TIN application. Curious me, I applied for one without realizing all these RDO (Revenue District Office) stuff will cause me headaches in the future. And so fast forward 8 years later, after 3 employers and finally needing to change my S to S1 status, I didn’t have a choice but update my RDO address.

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