Little Giants kind of Saturday

Saturdays means rest days And rest days means household chores and doing groceries. And doing groceries at our favorite store means Little Giants time for him. As a single working mom, juggling work and motherhood is a challenge. And with Xavier growing up fast, it’s become more challenging. Xavier at 2 years old and 4 months is more demanding than ever. He now knows how to say “dili ko” if he doesn’t want to do something or disagrees with what I want him to do. When I go to work every morning, he would keep following me around and when I tell him I have to get to work, I get the same reply every time, “dili ko”.

And so when I get off work, I make sure we spend time together, strolling around the city in our scooter. And much more when it’s my rest day, I always put all efforts to spending quality time with him doing groceries and playing at Little Giants. We always go there when they open up and we’re the first customers coz we like it when he as the place all to himself. For P80 an hour, it’s absolutely worth the fun he’d have every time.

Today was no different. Despite my splitting headache, I could not fail this little boy. Not at this very young age. Time with your kids is precious, before you know it, they’ve turned to teenagers and then voila, you’re seeing grandchildren. Haha! Not to fast please! So for now, time with your children is the best you can give them.

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