Getting rid of negativity.

Ever had a good day gone bad because someone sent you a message in Facebook about something that is absolutely a sour topic or someone commenting on your pictures or status with some pretentious words? Or maybe you find yourself more concerned about the drawbacks and consequences of doing something than actually doing it? So yesterday, I can actually say yes to all 3 questions. Yesterday was just like a land mine waiting to be triggered.

Negativity is just everywhere, within yourself, relationships and in the environment too. The past few years, I would not have really cared about all these negativities, I was on a roll! But recently, I found that removing negativity in your life is a must if you want positive things to happen. Xavier and I, we have a good year going despite the rocky start we had. And maintaining a positive and healthy environment and relationships has probably a lot to do with it.

Now here are the few things I keep in mind for both of us:

1. Minimize toxic relationships. They just bring negativity in. If a relationship does not make us feel good about how we’re doing and ourselves, there’s just no sense in cultivating that relationship. I mean, we value positive criticism as well but if that person is actually making us feel bad about ourselves in order to feel better themselves, then that tie needs to be broken.

2. Find positive people. As much as possible, I’d like to surround ourselves with friends and family who make us feel special and gave us confidence in what we’re doing and where we’re going. These type of people bring in positivity to our lives, they motivate us to better everyday.

3. Focus on the whats and not the what ifs. Past is past and we should learn from the mistakes. If people hurt you the past, forgive but learn from it. I find that it’s better if you don’t allow them back into your life coz this would bring in the fear and anxiety that they could hurt you again. Negativity feeds on fear and anxiety, so just move on and focus on achieving things that would bring happiness into our lives.

4. Meditate. Meditation comes in a lot of forms. Yoga for one, but since I don’t really do yoga (just yet), I meditate by just carving in some “alone time”. The goal is to just spend time clearing the mind, ridding of negative thoughts and refocusing it on those that are positive.

5. Love what you do and where you do it. Love your work! I mean it. Most of the time, it’s not just about the work you do but it’s also the environment. Sometimes, it’s also the people you work with. If you really hate your work now, build relationships (but make sure they’re not the toxic ones) and then you will find that going to the office is not so bad at all.

6. Think positively. There’s a lot of truth to being the master of your own destiny and the law of attraction too. Positivity begets positivity right? So when you think negatively, negative things will happen. However, the more positive you are and the more you believe in achieving great things, the more positive things will come your way.

7. Get involved. Do some charity work, get involved in your local community. Touch base with the locals and make a positive impact on the world and on someone’s life. When we did a feeding program for a few dozen homeless kids last month, it made me realize how on certain circumstances this could happen to my son too. And made me realize how blessed we both are to have good family and friends who helped us get on the right track.

It’s a must not to let negativity spoil the day. So how did we do with the land mine yesterday? Duh, we chose another itinerary and decided to spend it at the playhouse, where he had hours of fun.

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