About Us

I am a 34 year old working single mom. I have a 5 year old son, Xavier, a 6 year old yellow Labrador, Shepherd and a 7 year old shih tzu named Oprah (she’s a recent addition to our family).

Being a single mom was not something I’d have imagined 15 years ago. It just happened. I did love the “baby-daddy” but as they say, shit happens and to make the long story short, it’s true that cheaters will always be cheaters. And so on my son’s first birthday, I became a single working mom and it’s been one hell of a rollercoaster ride since. PS the “baby-daddy” has been a no-show (physically and financially) for years now.

Fast-forward to present – how to did I make it happen? How did I keep it all together? And most importantly, how do I continue to keep the good things coming? Balancing my career and raising a “seemingly well-adjusted and cheerful” little boy is actually easy and I want to share some helpful tips to the rest of single moms out there.

Here’s a photo of me and Xavier being featured:

4-3-2015 1-37-42 PM

I got this blog together for the following reasons:

  • Improve my WordPress and Joomla skills, and what better way than to work on it personally rather than just read about it.
  • Motivate other single moms out there who might have doubts about being able to provide the best for their kids.
  • Just share information that you might find helpful.

After over 4 years of solo parenting, I work full time locally as an IT Supervisor (handling a team of IT guys for a BPO) and part time online as a financial analyst and email marketing specialist. I am currently renting a 4-bedroom apartment with Xavier, Shepherd, 2 house helps, a cousin who works in the same company as I do, my older brother and his adopted son.

My ultimate goal for Xavier’s 3rd birthday this December is that we move to a new house of our own.  Yeah, that goal didn’t work out so well, the house is still standing with it’s interiors missing. LOL. Getting it done and moving in is a goal that has no timeline. Priority now is getting him into school and making sure his needs are met and we get to eat at least 2 times a day, man, I got lots of mouths to feed. So for now, safe to say we’re only taking the world one day at a time.

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