Day 72 – oDesk

It's been almost 4 years since I started with oDesk. It has not been easy but it has been good. #thehappinessproject #100happydays

Solo Parent’s benefits as recognized by law!

I am sure not a lot of solo parents are aware that there is such thing as RA 8972 also known as the "Solo Parent's Welfare Act of 2000". Oh well, there is. And if it wasn't for one of my colleagues who has been exercising this right, I wouldn't have known either.So according to … Continue reading Solo Parent’s benefits as recognized by law!

Demanding Support From Xavier’s Dad

So after Xavier's dad left and his family has openly accepted that he's fucking the second cousin, I have decided to take things legally. Of course I will not allow Xavier to grow up in a screwed up environment thinking that it's okay to fuck your second cousin (and yes I have proof that they … Continue reading Demanding Support From Xavier’s Dad