8 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad sounds so much fun right? Nakaka-excite isipin all the places you'll visit, the food and you look forward to the IG worthy photos you're going to capture. And para naman sa katulad ko na isang working mom, naka-excite din isipin that finally you can enjoy a few weeks or days off from work. … Continue reading 8 Things to Remember When Traveling Abroad

Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

Ito yung apprehension ko eh, traveling to another country with Xavy considering he is a minor and an illegitimate. I've heard stories about how a consent from both parents is required if only one of the parent is traveling with the minor. Basically Xavy is legally considered illegitimate since his Dad and I are not … Continue reading Things to remember for Filipino minors traveling abroad

Chillin’ at the Cliff House

Just another lazy afternoon at the Cliff House in Valencia. We've seen several Facebook posts featuring this place we decided to check it out. Cliff House is being hosted by Jenny at Airbnb (check the property in Airbnb here). It had great reviews in Airbnb and Facebook so we decided to check this out. This … Continue reading Chillin’ at the Cliff House

Quick getaway at Azalea Mountain Inn

We took a few hours off from city life and took the off beaten path to this restaurant perched 200+ meters above sea level on a mountain slope overlooking the town of San Jose (I can only guess :P). Azalea is a quiet getaway. It's located the same route going to Alimyon and Lake Balinsasayao. … Continue reading Quick getaway at Azalea Mountain Inn

Visiting Simala Shrine, Cebu

Before Xavy's birthday, we decided to visit the miraculous Simala Shrine in Cebu. Xavy has never been to this place so it was about time we checked it out and say our prayers. We're Christians but we've never been the church-going type of bunch, we say our prayers and we always try our best to … Continue reading Visiting Simala Shrine, Cebu