Financial support from Xavy’s dad

So I just wanna clear things out about getting financial support from Xavy’s dad. Coz some of his friends and family seem to think he’s being “responsible” and all and I am the one keeping his son away from him. Although yes, I don’t want Xavy growing up with the kind of environment his family has so as much as possible, I don’t want any influences from them on my son.

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Getting rid of negativity.

Ever had a good day gone bad because someone sent you a message in Facebook about something that is absolutely a sour topic or someone commenting on your pictures or status with some pretentious words? Or maybe you find yourself more concerned about the drawbacks and consequences of doing something than actually doing it? So yesterday, I can actually say yes to all 3 questions. Yesterday was just like a land mine waiting to be triggered.Read More »

X Chronicles – some bedtime fun

There will be days when you’re just too tired from work that you just want to enjoy the night goofing around with your loved ones. And today is just one of those days for me. It’s been crazy at the office that I feel like just taking it slow with my online job and just goof around with Xavier. Nothing extraordinary, just laughing around and making memories.