Cheese in The Trap (2016)

The feels. Sorry but I love both the main and the second lead on this one. Jung’s looks against In Ho’s personality, I just can’t make a decision. LOL! Anyhow, it took me such a long time to get to watch this one coz there were a lot of negative comments about the ending and … Continue reading Cheese in The Trap (2016)

Far Away Love

Plot: Straight-laced and emotionally numb rich-guy Shen An, a CEO of Shen Corporation, a food conglomerate, keeps having unlucky run-ins with Meng Chu Xia, a clumsy, soft-hearted but stubborn 28-year-old who’s raising her nephew Meng Xiang by herself. Park Hae Jin in (from My Love from the Star and Cheese in the Trap) plays the male … Continue reading Far Away Love