Quick getaway at Azalea Mountain Inn

We took a few hours off from city life and took the off beaten path to this restaurant perched 200+ meters above sea level on a mountain slope overlooking the town of San Jose (I can only guess :P). Azalea is a quiet getaway. It’s located the same route going to Alimyon and Lake Balinsasayao. The place is not crowded, very few customers so it’s a great choice if you need to just drown in a book and some coffee. The menu is not wide, the prices are fairly acceptable. We had their banana cake and it was okay. Xavy loved the view and so did we.

How to get there:

Take the national highway from the city (Dumaguete) heading North. After around 14 kms (a few minutes after Sibulan proper), you’ll see the big sign on the left side of the highway saying “Twin Lakes (Balinsasayao and Danao)”. Take a left on this junction, heading to the mountain side. You will see Azalea on your left about 5.2 kms from the junction. About 8 kms further up the mountain takes you to Lake Balinsasayao.

Jollibee-ey breakfast

Mom and Dad decided to drop by at Jollibee for a “quick” breakfast this morning. And of course Dad ordered his favorite Corned beef with egg and Mom got “extra” spicy chicken joy.

Their “quick” breakfast turned to an hour breakfast because  it took forever to have Mom’s chickenjoy served. The North Road branch was jampacked again and their wifi sucked (password is jbnorthroad), so Mom was more irritated than ever. She could get really nasty when she’s in a hurry, she thinks that every minute wasted just waiting is a dollar lost. Couln’t really blame her.

In case you don’t want to experience long waiting hours like my Mom, you can always have your food delivered, their Perdices branch has the delivery service, their contact info is:

Perdices Road Dumaguete
Gov. Perdices cor. San Jose Sts.,
Dumaguete City
Tel. No. (035) 225-69-00

Sans Rival’s lasagna

I’m not really a big fan of the lasagna from Sans Rival, I love their spaghetti more, but it looks like Sam and the boyfriend do not agree with me so we had to drop by to order some.

Place was jampacked since it was the last day of the Palarong Pambansa and I guess people were buying “pasalubong” from the infamous Sans Rival. I waited for almost 30 minutes for my order.

Sort’a pricey for P60, it came with a bite-sized toasted bread, but Sam and boyfriend thinks its worth it.

For more information on Sans Rival, give them  a call at 035 225-4440 or 035 225-4393.

Jo’s Inato lunch

It’s been ages since I last ate at this place. I still remember the last time that I had lunch here with colleagues from eTelecare. We didn’t like the “Tinola”, it was like they just poured boiled water into an already cooked fish and served it. But today, boyfriend decided to have lunch there and since he was paying I could not be choosy.

We ordered lumpia shanghai, sweet & sour – pork, grilled paa with rice, halohalo in buko, buko juice, sprite and four seasons. Waiting time was not bad, we waited for around 20 minutes while enjoying their wifi (password by the way is pechopaa). Although the other table waited for more than 30 minutes for their order. For everything that we ordered, we only paid P497. It was an “okay” lunch, but still not very satisfied.