Fostering Shine

So last August, we fostered my cousin’s American Bulldog named Shine. Shine is more than 3 years old. She’s a very sweet and clingy dog with so much energy. Since she’s always in the cage, every time she’s let out, she’d run around the house and chase cats, chickens and what not. She sneaked into the pig pen one time she was let out. She bit the pig and when my Aunt tried to hold her, her teeth accidentally hit my Aunt’s hand. Shine wouldn’t let go of the pig until eventually the pig died. The wound on my Aunt’s hand was really deep that she had to get anti-rabies shots at the nearest hospital. Shine was then exiled to my cousin’s ex-boyfriend (they didn’t break that time yet). A year later, we visited her and found out that she’s not doing good, so we decided to bring her home.

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