Am I missing something?

Is it just me overthinking or something’s off about these lines coming from the same person.

Say what you wanna say to me, I experienced this before from you right.  Yet, I chose to see the good still.

To give context to the lines above, I got pissed at him before for something he did (which I later found out that he was just instructed to do) and said something like “yung Boss nyo talaga” to the ladies reporting to him. But I apologized to them ladies when I found out he was just instructed to do so. It’s been months since that happened and I thought he moved on from that. Every time one of the ladies speaks up and he feels disrespected, he blames me for it. And this is when we were already getting to know each other and spending time almost every day, the “I love you”s and the sleeping together.

And then after a few minutes of saying those lines, he says this after I mentioned his daughter and “his other kids”.

Just remember this, my past is not a life sentence that they would condemn me for such.  Saints were worse people before they became one, I just strive everyday to better myself.  Whatever happened in the past be it good or bad I learn to evaluate and embrace mistakes.

I’m confused. So we cannot blame him for his past actions but he can blame me for what happened in the past? Am I missing something?

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