Through the Darkness (2022)

through the darkness

If you liked the US crime series Criminal Minds, then this should pique your interest. This show is about how South Korea adapted criminal profilers to build “profiles” of killers. This series has 12 episodes only and the main cast is Kim Nam Gil who plays Song Ha Young. Kim Nam Gil is from the Fiery Priest and Live Up to Your Name. I like how Kim Nam Gil’s characters are all non-romantic, wala’y kilig kilig so it’s a refreshing break from all the other ongoing romantic kdramas right now.

The series shows how the Criminal Behavior Analysis team first started and the first case they ever looked into. Song Ha Young is a quiet, reserved, but an incredibly perceptive investigator, and he was scouted by Gook Young Soo, the head of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team.

In the 1990s, a mysterious figure known as Red Hat has been stalking the streets, following women, terrorizing them, and then killing them in apparently motiveless attacks. The police are baffled – the killer seems to strike at random. They struggle to understand when this murderer will attack next and why the killings are taking place. Gook Young Soo thinks that using this new method, the police might stand a chance of identifying the killer – and making the murders stop. But the police – including the homicide expert Yoon Tae Goo are now in totally uncharted territory.

This show was adapted from the 2018 non-fiction book of the same title co-written by Korea’s first criminal profiler Kwon Il Yong and journalist-turned-author Ko Na Mu, which tells the story of Kwon’s field experiences.

Xavy and Mom’s take on this series:

I’ve always been interested in how they catch the killers and how they think. I’ve watched all 15 seasons of Criminal Minds, Morgan was my favorite character. I like Nam Gil and spot-on kaayo ang pag-portray niya sa character. The poker face with sad eyes is perfect. You might not like this unless you like criminal shows, the cinematography is dark and gloomy. The pacing is slow para na-highlight ang progression sa pag-build up sa team. My favorite is the character development of the supporting cast, the team members, and the bosses. If you like criminal shows, this is a good watch.

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