Catching up on 11 hours of work today. As expected after 4 days of gala and kini-at in Coron. I was able to at least clean my work mailbox last night from thousands of emails. The result of 4 days nga walay check check sa email. Nagdala pa kag laptop sa Coron, Mai! Unsa’y point?

Coron was actually amazing but not my cup of tea. It’s a good spot “ocean person” which apparently I am not. Na-stress kaayo ko sa snorkeling while kusog kaayo ang current plus the fact that I do not know how to swim. Anything I cannot see scares the fuck out of me. That includes the deep blue parts of the ocean, it just terrifies me. But yes, I did snorkel and their corals are amazing. Coron has amazing lagoons and lakes, they’re worth visiting. But since I am more of a mountain person, I’m cool with just one visit. I won’t go there twice.

Currently binge-watching Juvenile Justice while working. This is a fresh glimpse into Korea’s juvenile justice system. My first watch for this genre. It’s a break from the romantic dramas I’ve been watching lately. Kim Hye Soo is a really good actress but I am amazed at Kim Mu Yeol in his portrayal of Cha Tae Joo. This series has made me realize that some of these kids are really cruel and they’re not afraid because they know they can get away with it. Some of them on the other hand are forced to cross the line because of the adults in their lives. I’ve seen bullying scenes from other dramas and it’s terrible how it really exists in real life. This one is making me fear for my son’s future.

I’m parking for now. Gotta finish 3 more hours of work.

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