Fostering Shine

So last August, we fostered my cousin’s American Bulldog named Shine. Shine is more than 3 years old. She’s a very sweet and clingy dog with so much energy. Since she’s always in the cage, every time she’s let out, she’d run around the house and chase cats, chickens and what not. She sneaked into the pig pen one time she was let out. She bit the pig and when my Aunt tried to hold her, her teeth accidentally hit my Aunt’s hand. Shine wouldn’t let go of the pig until eventually the pig died. The wound on my Aunt’s hand was really deep that she had to get anti-rabies shots at the nearest hospital. Shine was then exiled to my cousin’s ex-boyfriend (they didn’t break that time yet). A year later, we visited her and found out that she’s not doing good, so we decided to bring her home.

Shine actually seemed depressed. She didn’t wag her tails anymore and she didn’t even recognize my cousin. She smelled terrible, we had to give her a bath before putting her in the car. Travel was 2 hours back home so we really had to bathe her first.

We got her a new cage with shower curtains for when it rains. She settled in nicely. We got one of the local vets to do house calls every week for her. She had anti-mange injections weekly. She got some medicinal shampoo and was bathe at least twice a week. She started getting better and she’s finally starting to get back to old energetic self. She’d howl if she’s hungry (which happens prolly 5 times a day) or she wants out of the cage to pee or to poop.

The reason we had to put her in the cage is because our other dogs are very territorial, specially Brown (our youngest Shih Tzu). They’d lunge at each other if they’re in close proximity. So our only solution was during day time, Shine stays in the cage. She gets walked 4 times a day (morning, lunch, afternoon and after dinner). At nighttime, the 3 dogs stay inside the house (in our room to be specific) so she gets out and have the whole front area to herself at night. That way she get to stretch her legs and run after cats and bark after stray dogs in our area.

It’s been over a month, almost 2 actually. She’s doing so much better now. You can visibly see the hair growing on her body. Although the chest and stomach area are still bad. Doctor said it will take months for her to recover. But she’s definitely gained some fats and the bones are not as visible than when she first arrived. We’re hopeful that she’ll recover fully in the next few months.

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