Cloud Storage – Dropbox vs Google Drive

Someone recently asked me which one would I recommend, Dropbox or Google Drive? I didn’t know what to say honestly. When I chose to use Google Drive, it was not because I dug around which one is the best for me. Me using Google Drive was not really a choice, it just came with my Google subscription. Anyways, after I was asked, I did a little digging around just so I have a better answer next time someone asks.


Dropbox is considered a pioneer in cloud storage and sharing. They’re been in business since 2007. It currently provides 2 GB of free storage to users and it can be upgraded to 2 TB. Dropbox offers plans for individuals and for enterprise. Looks like users choose Dropbox because of its clean GUI. It has a dedicated app for Android, iOS, Windows and Kindle. It has a desktop program that is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Dropbox is available in more than 10 languages.

Google Drive

Google Drive is also one of the most extensively used cloud sharing networks. Released in 2012, a few years later than Dropbox and is part of the Google platform. It currently provides 15 GB of free space to users but can be expanded to 30 TB as a paid plan. The app is available for all leading OS such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and a whole lot more. It’s available in more than 60 languages. One of the advantages of Google Drive is that it offers seamless support for Google products such as Google Documents, Spreadsheets and a whole lot more. A major disadvantage though is that it shares it’s space with Google Mail so if you got tons of emails, you have to watch that storage capacity every once in a while.

Basic Comparison Table

Dropbox Google Drive
Free storage 2 GB15 GB
Additional space support YesNo
Max file size20 GB (site)
None (app)
5 TB
Maximum spaceUnlimited 30 TB
Supported OSWindows, Mac,
Linux, Android,
iOS, Windows
Phone, BlackBerry,
and Kindle Fire
Windows, Mac,
Android, and
Paid plans $12/month (2 TB)$9.99/month
(1 TB)

So personal choice, I’d still stick with Google Drive. The fact the it supports Google products makes it really convenient for business use, you work on a spreadsheet file without the need to open another app. But whichever you pick, know that your data is safe in the cloud and available anywhere there’s internet.

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