Chillin’ at the Cliff House

Cliff House Valencia

Just another lazy afternoon at the Cliff House in Valencia. We’ve seen several Facebook posts featuring this place we decided to check it out. Cliff House is being hosted by Jenny at Airbnb (check the property in Airbnb here). It had great reviews in Airbnb and Facebook so we decided to check this out. This property is booked most of the time and luckily we were able to grab an available weekend. Xavy spent weeks checking Google maps surrounding the property that when we actually drove to this place, I didn’t have to check my phone for directions anymore, he became my guide.

Cliff House is actually a small apartment that’s perched dramatically near a cliff with stunning views of a jungle valley and clear stream. Not only you can stay overnight but you can also dine here. It’s a small place so not ideal for big groups. But you can arrange with Jenny ahead of time so she can make arrangements.

How to get there:

From Dumaguete, head to Valencia. From Valencia, take the road leading to the Forrest Camp and continue all the way to the junction of Casaroro Falls and Japanese Shrine. A few meters before the junction is green gate on the right side. Unfortunately there are no signs outside the property so you have to watch out for it. It’s about 10 minutes ride up from Forrest Camp, the road is well paved.

Things to do:

You can dine at the Cliff House. Their food is affordable and is actually good. Some of their servings is good for more than one person so you have to check before you order too much. If you’re staying overnight, the place is really cold since it’s all near the forest, sometimes it’s covered in fog so it’s amazing for photos if that’s what you’re into. It’s a place to unwind, away from the city life. You can enjoy a book and some coffee. You can also just enjoy a Netflix movie if you want (yes they have free wifi for guests staying overnight).

We’re actually going back a few months from now, to spend a quiet weekend. So yes, this is highly recommended if you’re looking to spend a quiet night.

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