That new halo-halo place

Halo-halo is naturally a favorite for Pinoys. It's prolly because it's inexpensive and refreshingly sweet, and cold, perfect for our "always summer" weather. And over the years, we've got different versions of it. But, surprisingly we're not really into halo-halo or sweets for that matter but that's not going to stop us from checking out … Continue reading That new halo-halo place

How to get PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate online

You need a PSA (NSO) issued copy of your birth certificate but you can't find time to do it? Welcome to my world. 😀 So I need one and my work hours are all over the place these months I know I don't have enough free hours to fall in line at the PSA office. … Continue reading How to get PSA (NSO) Birth Certificate online

Multivitamin gummies for your kids

Choosing the right multivitamin for your toddlers can be exhausting. Oh well, it was for me anyways. Xavy is very picky when it comes to what he eats, like for real. To give you an idea, he does not like candies, sodas, juices, cakes and he will only have a little of the ice cream … Continue reading Multivitamin gummies for your kids

How to get NBI clearance

Welcome to getting your NBI clearance in the digital age! At least kahit papano, dun papunta ang Philippines di ba? So if before you have to fall in line bringing your requirements at the NBI office, it's a bit different now. By the way, what does one need an NBI clearance ba? So for me, … Continue reading How to get NBI clearance

Freelancing: Upwork Pros and Cons

There's tons of online job platform out there nowadays but loyal pa rin ako sa Upwork. I've tried several platforms too such as PeoplePerHour and Got It Pro - Excelchat. Pero just like regular companies, may hiyang ka and then there are those wherein you just can't seem to fit in. So oDesk was founded … Continue reading Freelancing: Upwork Pros and Cons