Getting Xavy’s passport (Part 2)

So we lost the slip for claiming his passport and I eventually forgot. Until one of my friends saw his name posted. Said something like we need to claim it before to send it back to Manila for cancellation. So the next day I went to their office. I brought some identification and informed their guard that I’m only there to claim the passport but lost the slip. I was there at 10 AM but they don’t release passports until 11. Unfortunately, I had to get an affidavit of loss before they can release it.

Credits to Roxy for buzzing me!

It’s a good thing they also had their own lawyer. I waited for about 30 minutes for the lawyer which was fine because I had to wait until 11 anyways. I had to pay P350 for the affidavit. By the way, the affidavit didn’t have to be issued by DFA’s lawyer, it can be from any lawyer. I just opted to wait, it was more convenient.

So we finally got his passport and we’re very excited to start travelling together.

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