Venturing into the unknown.

So a few days from now, I’m going to start teaching at the university. This is something that’s totally unfamiliar to me. I feel like I’m heading diving into a cliff knowing I don’t know how to swim. So I’m going to put my trust in the people waiting for me at the bottom to guide me into safety.

Okay, putting all drama aside. This is something na hindi ko man lang na-imagine I’d be doing. Not even in my dreams. But then again, my 25 year old me didn’t think she’d have a son and yet here I am 10 years later with a 5 year old son. Like I always said, sometimes we can plan all that we want but if the Almighty Being up there has other plans, sorry.

So yes, back to my dilemna, classes starts on Monday. I will be handling one subject for five sections. I got 3 classes on Monday. I honestly don’t know what I’m feeling, I’m dreading it and also excited about it. I totally have no clue how to do this. I didn’t have a single Education subject in my life.

This is a whole new world and I’m curious about what opportunities will come my way. Maybe I’ll find myself loving this or maybe not. Either way, I will definitely post something soon about this new journey.

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