Weekend and long drives

Yung feeling that you’re missing out on life because you’ve been working like crazy for the past few months. It’s just been a series of meeting deadlines, meetings and making sure that everyone at work is up and running and that the rest of your team is happy with their jobs.

One of the things that I learned (the hard way) is that you have to take care of yourself first. I hope it doesn’t sound as selfish as it seems, or a typical millennial. Damn millennials. And for the record, I am one.

I don’t think na-imagine ng younger me that I’d be where I am right now. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy (I think I am) where I am right now. Yes I have regrets (quite a lot of them too) but I learn from those regrets (I mean what can I do but learn from them right?) and I believe I am making better choices because of those regrets.

I thought I had the world figured out back then, the joke was on me. Kaloka! Okay, don’t tell my sister but yes I should have listened to some of her litanyas back then. So now, I had to fucking learn from my mistakes coz I didn’t listen back then. Oh well.

One of those mistakes was to take life slowly. Namnamin mo besh! Huwag magmadali. I was always in a rush that eventually life took it’s toll on me. Char lang! Tangina, hindi ako naniwala sa mga soul searching churva back then, yung hanapin mo muna yung sarili mo. Kala ko drama lang, but besh, it’s true! Kailangan mo pala talagang kilalanin ang sarili mo, mahalin ang sarili mo at higit sa lahat alagaan ang sarili mo. Coz you know what, at the end of the day, when the lights go out, it’s just you and you alone.

Every once in a while, spend time with yourself. Bet ko long drives coz ang dami kayang pumapasok sa isip ko, yung feeling ko ang profound nila and na-aamaze ako sa sarili kong thoughts. Shets, aging issues besh! Watch a movie alone, grab a coffee alone, whatever rocks your boat. Kung #richkid ka naman, travel alone. 

Life is weird, sometimes it will catch you off guard. But when you know yourself, fucking bring it on!

****Photo of Xavy was taken last weekend when we drove to Canlaon, Negros Oriental. His first. My nth but I was about his age then so I don’t remember anything about the place. This was a day trip, we were there for about 3 hours while the drive back and forth was about 5 hours. We only visited the century old Balete tree and Inland Resort which was packed by the way. 

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