K1 unlocked

So we’ve finally unlocked Kindergarten 1 last March 26 (a late post kind’a). It’s been  a series of ups and downs during the past 10 months. Mostly ups, not so much downs and we’re extremely thankful to the people who’ve helped us along the way.

So this is how a parent feels when you see your child get an award at school. I’ve never been so proud of him (up until this moment, I know he’ll even make me feel more proud later on) when he got the Star Reader and Best in Chinese awards. It’s a team effort actually but mostly thanks to Youtube and Google for the Star Reader award.

It wasn’t easy, most of the time my cousins and the yaya take turn in helping him study and do his assignments. I kind’a work late so by the time I get home they’re already done. During exams, I get to sit down and study with him during the weekends.

Despite the fact that his biological dad has jumped off ship, it has been an amazing adventure for us. Aside from the fact that it has made me realize that some people really can abandon their kids without remorse, it also showed me that I got amazingly supportive family and friends, plus great bosses. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for single parents like me who do not have the same support group as I do. The late nights when the kid is sick plus the worries of the finances – God, I don’t know if I can survive that. I’ll prolly have a psychological breakdown.

Anways, we’re almost ready to tackle K2. I’m still trying to earn enough money for his tuition down payment. After K2, I’m thinking of moving him to public school. As much as it breaks my heart when he tells me sadly that he doesn’t want to coz his classmates are in Holy Cross, I don’t think I can financially survive that school.

So cheers to the first level in prep unlocked for Xavy!

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