Getting Xavy’s passport (Part 1)

So the past few days, he’s been mumbling about getting a passport so he can go to London (ROTFL). I know I should be blamed for the CNN influence, he’s now mumbling about going to all these places that’s being broadcast. London has been on air lately because of the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter.

Since it’s summer anyways, I’ve decided to get him his passport. Anyways, should come in handy in the future. Mura pud mig naay kwartang ika-laag, haha! Libre naman mangarap di ba? So here’s a few things I learned and went thru in getting his passport.

  • Checked out this article (Passport Requirements for Minor New Applicants) from DFA about getting a passport for minors. Their website is very informative and I didn’t need to go look for other resources. So apparently for 7 years old and below, no need to get an online appointment. Yey!
  • I downloaded the new passport application form for minors, filled it out then printed it. I got everything I needed (Xavy’s PSO / NSO birth certificate, his school ID and my passport). By the way, kailangan pala ng photocopy nung passport ng parent and the school ID.
  • So we headed to DFA’s office at around 10:30AM (late kaming gumigising pag walang class). By the way, DFA has a dress code (absolutely no slippers and shorts allowed). When we got their it was already packed. Apparently madami palang parents like me who thought of getting passports for their kids ngayong wala ng classes, akala ko ako lang, haha!
  • Their guards are very friendly and helpful. The processing section was fast, we paid P950 for regular processing (twenty one (21) business days) but then we got stuck at the encoding section. We were like the 24th and there were only two (2) encoders. Maybe they’re still hiring coz that section had two (2) vacant desks for more encoders. We finished the encoding section in less than ten (10) minutes, after two (2) hours of waiting. Yes, low batt na yung phone ko sa kaka-Netflix nya ng Tranformers by the time we finished.


By the way, the 10 year passport validity apparently applies to adults only (18 years old and above. Which makes sense actually, considering how much a person can change in 10 years, so yeah 5 years should suffice for minors. So we’re going back to the DFA this month to get his passport – that’ll be part 2 then.

So anyways, that’s our “getting a passport for a 5 year old” experience. Not eventful but hopefully resourceful enough if you ever need to get one for your minor.



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