Plan A

Last week, I posted in my Facebook account these photos and said the I was feeling unappreciated. Yes I did feel that. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I take care of my team really well.

But you know, sometimes you have good days and then some bad ones. Even when you love your job. You get exhausted. Not because of the job but because of the people around you. You have to smile at bosses you don’t like, do things that you don’t want to do ’cause the job requires you to do it.

I’ve been at this job for over 8 years, resigned twice and went part-time once but I came back because like I said I love it. But after all those years, I’ve seen so a lot of people come and go, damn I’ve seen my boss leave and come back (he prolly felt the same). I have so many things I like about this job.

Lately however, the number of people that I don’t like is growing in number and it’s becoming stressful to come in. Coz I’d have to smile and talk to them (one of the bosses tells me that considering I am a supervisor I should be professional – yeah, he should have a long conversation with the mirror if that was the case). At the end of my shift, I’d get out on the dot. I remember the days when I’d spend hours beyond my shift because I liked what I was doing. Now, I don’t want to stay longer. I’d prefer to work from home actually.

So I’ve been thinking that maybe this time I’d leave for good. I still have plan B – E so it might not be too hard.

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