Just another Mondaze

So the past few days I’ve been going around trying to balance all these stuff that I have in my plate. Plan A has a lot going on, we just expanded another floor which means additional IT equipment needs to be setup. Plan B is so far so good. Plan C is also hanging in there. Plan D is quiet and bidding it’s time. Plan E is crazy all over the place.

Yes, all those aside from Xavy’s school activities this month, Chinese New Year and they have this Kiddie Fantasy thing which apparently is a huge school event. Friends wonder how I manage all these in my plate, I honestly don’t know. I just take it one day at a time. Yes, everyday is a struggle but what other choice do I have other than drag my lazy butt out every morning and continue going thru the motions.

Most of the day I feel depressed and I let small things take over my emotions in hopes of forgetting how fucked up my life is. I try to do good everyday, always taking into consideration the other side of the picture but at the same time not giving in completely. I feel like I’ve built my wall way too high or maybe not. I still trust people but if I find one lie, then I let go and move on. I feel like it’s easy for me to move on when you haven’t invested emotions just yet. Always having that other foot outside the door helps.

So yes, just another Mondaze for me.

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