The 2018 tax effect for us

So during weekdays, I’m always busy. No kidding. I struggle with one full time job and 4 more part time jobs. Although 3 of my clients do not demand as much time as this new client. So most of the time we’d do the groceries on weekends or on Friday nights after work (thank goodness that some stores close late).

So this weekend, I had to catch up on a lot of hours for my LP client since I haven’t worked much for the past few days because of that new client I got (which by the way does not pay that much at all). However Xavy wanted to go to HyperMart to do some grocery shopping. I obliged.

With the implementation of the new tax, TRAIN, we’re all expecting prices to go up. Just last month when we went to Tayasan for Lolo’s burial, unleaded gas was at only P43 but the week after that, it went up to P49. I get maybe P1000-2000 more now on my pay because of the new tax but its probably just even because prices for everything went up.

We did notice that almost all vegetable prices went up. Of course tama din lang that our farmers increase the pricing kasi the cost went up. I feel like everything will go up if gas prices go up. Akalain mo, onions is at P120/kilo, ampalaya is at P90/kilo now. I have now decided that we’ll just plant tomatoes and ampalaya at home, maybe some lemon grass too.

Somehow I think that this new tax is only going to make the lives of the jobless worse. This will benefit the workforce considering they pay less taxes thus the “take home” pay is more than what it used to be. But then prices went up so technically we’re taking more home but then we’re also paying more. If we want to really save then, the solution is really frugal living. But what if you’re already living frugally and yet you still don’t have enough?

It get worse for others such as farmers, my dad is a farmer by the way so yes I know what I’m talking about. We buy fertilizers which now becomes more costly because of the gas increase. When we sell the products, of course we have to sell them at a higher price now because of the higher cost of fertilizer and transportation. Please note that our profit is still the same despite the fact that we’re now selling these products at a higher price. The kicker is, from the profits, we buy the same daily needs which is now more expensive. So technically we’re losing unless we mark our products even higher raising our profits enabling us to buy our daily needs.

Sigh. Maybe I’m wrong in my calculations though. I would assume that our politicians discussed this bill thoroughly before passing it. I know Xavy and I, we’ve been blessed that we have enough to get through day by day. But some people are not.

This post is making me a bit depressed.

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