Catching up

2018! Man it’s been quite a while since I last blogged. The past few years went by real fast. But it’s not like I haven’t blogged since 2015, I did. It’s just that my site crashed and the backup got corrupted so I lost a lot of posts. I lost the interest of blogging and the fact that I had too many things going on in my life the past few years didn’t help.

Okay, maybe I did not lose interest because I did start another blog with reviews on all the Korean dramas I’ve been watching. And I also started a Shopify store so yes, I’ve been busy.

So Xavier is now 6 years old. Shepherd is now 7 years old. We adopted another dog, a 6 year old female shih tzu named Oprah (we’ll post a photo of her next time). We’re still renting the same apartment, we haven’t even started construction in the new house. We’re taking it slow and we have no money for that just yet. All in God’s perfect time.

I went back to working full time, I can’t seem to leave the company. I’ve created so many processes and spearheaded a lot of projects, my babies which I just can’t leave. Xavy’s in school now, he’s currently enrolled in one of the good schools in the city. They teach Mandarin in that school and as much as possible, I’d want him to learn other languages so  he’d get a better shot in his future. And still not a single peep from his biological father.

So yes, we’re happy and we’ve been blessed with very supportive friends, family and bosses. We couldn’t have gone this far if they weren’t there pushing us to do better everyday.

The goal this year (technically starting today) is to blog daily, to enhance my communication skills among other things, but I know that might not happen so let’s see.

Ciao, until next time then.

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