Financial support from Xavy’s dad

So I just wanna clear things out about getting financial support from Xavy’s dad. Coz some of his friends and family seem to think he’s being “responsible” and all and I am the one keeping his son away from him. Although yes, I don’t want Xavy growing up with the kind of environment his family has so as much as possible, I don’t want any influences from them on my son.

I’m going to start off with the month he left, December 2013. Last December, when we celebrated Xavy’s first birthday, he did not give me any money at all, nor bought a gift for his son. He did buy milk and diaper once, 1 1.2kg box of milk and the 24x I think of diapers.

He’s a seaman and he left in middle of January. He started sending financial support for his son in March worth 5k per month which lasted until August only. So that’s 6 months of financial support. When he arrived last September, he did not have anything at all for his son, not even a single box of milk. And yes, he’s been to see his son more than once.

When Xavy celebrated his 2nd birthday – we had a small kiddie party at his play school, he only handed me 1k. Christmas came and left, totally nothing from his so-called dad. Even Xavy’s godparents remembered to buy him toys and clothes but nothing from his dad. Then Xavy got hospitalized end of last year, his mom dropped by and handed my mom 500 pesos. Our hospital bill reached 15k.

And now I heard his dad is back at work again. He sends me an email saying he sent some money. But nada! I replied asking which account did he send it – no reply! Wow! So when the girlfriend of his brother sends me a message asking me if they could borrow Xavy, I’m like, WTF!! I don’t need to hear from any of you, get the hell out of our lives! You’re all bringing your bad mojo.

Xavy and I have been doing fine, we don’t freaking need you in our lives.

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