X Chronicles – some Tejero fambam fun

Xavier’s 3rd summer and I figured it was about time he gets to experience sun burnt skin and enjoy hours of water splashing. It was something I was really excited about, he was excited about getting all these new stuff too, clueless what they were for actually. And so after a week of planning where and what to bring, we were set to go! Our first time at Tejero Highland Resort and Adventure Park. They recently had their anniversary so the place has been there for quite some time now. Considering it’s summer and a weekend, we knew the place would be packed so we booked a cottage the day before. We packed lunch and some chips, some sunscreen and floaters for the kids and we were off. When we got there, the place was not that packed yet so the kids were able to enjoy the pool with just a few other kids too. As expected Xavier had so much fun, he didn’t want to go home after 4 hours in the pool. But then again all good things must come to an end, specially when we’re all sun burnt.

So in case you’d also like to have some fambam fun at this place, here’s a few details you probably would like to know:

Entrance rates:

  • Kids (12 below, not sure about the exact range, but didn’t pay for Xavier) – P40
  • Adult – P60
  • Senior citizen (with valid ID) – P48

Cottage rates:

  • P200 – Small (good for 8)
  • P300 – Medium (good for 10)
  • P400 – Large (good for 15)
  • P500 – Extra large (good for 20)
  • P700 – XXL (good for 30)

You have to bring an ID and additional P100 for deposit. The place is open from 9AM – 6PM. For reservations and other inquiries, you can contact them at 09177070791 or better yet, visit their website – Tejero Highland Resort & Adventure Park.

But let me just give the place a quick review from this experience. The good things about the place

  • Food and beverage – not as expensive – their 1.5L Coke is P55.
  • Employees – accommodating and friendly, good customer service.
  • Cottage rates – acceptable rates.
  • Pool – thumbs up! Ideal for family fun, their children’s pool is just fab.

The things I wished they’d improve soon:

  • No power outlets on their cottages.
  • No garbage bins either.
  • The reservation process sucked – we had to go to the place to book a reservation.
  • Better DJ/host – a lot of mispronounced English words (I am taking into consideration that there’s a lot of foreigners).

My Trip Advisor rating – Excellent!

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