How-To: Check your SSS monthly contributions

SSS is mandatory if you’re employed – your employer also pays a certain amount for your SSS. Sad thing is some employers are not updated with their monthly contributions, although the SSS deduction on your payslip every month.

Now, if you want to check your contributions, would you want to fall in line and wait for hours at the SSS office just to get that information? Hell, no! Amazingly, technology has made it really convenient for us to check on our contributions online.

So here’s how (my blog post is assuming that you have a registered SSS account): 

1. Go to SSS Gov PH site and login.

login (Small)2. You’ll get routed to the Employee Static Information page  with a Menu bar for all the other cool stuff you can do online. Under Member Info, click Actual Premiums.


3. Here you’ll see your monthly contributions (please note that the amount should be higher than what appears on your payslip’s SSS contribution).

4-3-2015 12-10-17 PMThere’s a lot of cool other stuff you can do on their website, feel free to experiment around.

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