How-To: Get a replacement for a lost SSS ID card

The night before I went into labor last 2012, I lost my wallet which contained all of my cards (ID, ATM and thankfully no cash). Probably because of the pain I was experiencing that time, I totally forgot where I placed it. Fast-forward 2 years and about 3 months after, I still did not get a replacement SSS ID. I’m just like everyone out there who hates working on these kind’a stuff. Up to the day that I really had no choice but to get one.

So how do we get a replacement SSS ID here in Dumaguete, or basically for everyone living near the city? I’ve heard horrific stories about having to wait for hours but it’s actually not as bad as other bloggers described it. Amazingly, I finished in an hour! So here are the steps:

1. Before you go to the SSS’s office, get an Affidavit of Loss from any law firm. I got one from that law firm in Obdulia’s Building, they notarized it and I paid P150.

2. Go to the SSS office (check out the Dumaguete SSS office here). Bring 2 valid IDs and P300 cash. Just tell the guard why you’re there and he should give you a number. BIR TIN card and company ID should do the trick. I went to SSS office around 8:30AM on a Thursday. I only waited for 15 minutes and then my number was called. 

3. Provide your IDs to the SSS employee and fill out the UMID Card Application form (which you can also download here) and the Miscellaneous Payment Form.

4. Pay the P300 fee at their cashier and go back to the SSS employee with the filled out forms.

5. Proceed to the second floor for your picture and prints. They’re kind’a strict now when it comes to having your picture taken along with your signature and prints. Probably because this is the UMID card now. 

6. That’s IT! Wait for 2 months for your ID to arrive in the mail. If it doesn’t, then you should call your local SSS office.

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