That 30 before 30 bucket list!

I guess this is unavoidable and long time coming, with the birthday month looming over me, this post was bound to happen. I suppose when your birthday is just around the corner, there are those moments when you re-think what have you done in your life that’s really worth remembering when you’re six feet under or gone with the wind (assuming ipa-cremate ka sa imong pamilya ig kamatay nimo). You see, this “profound” evaluation of oneself is fated. 
This is my 30 before 30 bucket list which I made when I was 24 years old, naively full of hopes and dreams which is now the edited version of “That 30 before 35 bucket list”. I felt that my head is overflowing with all these ideas, memories and all the office gossip, that I had to write down the things I wanted to accomplish before I totally wipe them out of my brain. And now being the geeky me, about time I get this into the cloud. 
I always believed that we should all have that bucket list, you know.

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