Nothing is as it seems.

We were driving one late night, from a friend’s party and heading home. Listening so some song and not talking. Everything was okay, we didn’t have a fight recently or some argument at all. Everything seemed pitch perfect, it was that kind of night described in books where you’re together enjoying the night without speaking yet hearts are in sync.

But it was the complete opposite. As we drove in silence and that Taylor Swift came on, I realized that we’ve become two different people. After all those years, I would have thought that we’d known each other better, after all the ups and downs we’ve been through. But I was wrong.

I looked at you and I realized that you’re this stranger that I don’t know how to talk to anymore. I hugged you and the feeling did not change at all. I just couldn’t find the person I first fell in love with.

Did all the downs we went through change me? Did I drift away or was it you? Did all the pain turn me into this stranger that you probably also do not know anymore?

So as we drove with Taylor Swift in the background, heading home and to the same bed, deep within me I knew it was bound to end. We might have looked like that perfect couple enjoying the late night drive with hearts completely in sync with each other but nothing is as it seems. Sometimes, you can be so near and yet so far.

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