Struggles of a Single Mom

It’s been crazy these past days, I had to juggle 3 jobs at the same time – one full time job and 2 online jobs. Hans’ father only gives 5k a month, not even half of Hans expenses. And I got so pissed this month because he’s weeks delayed with his financial support.

This week has been draining. I only had 200 bucks and Hans’ milk and diapers was only good for the night. I had to find a way to get money coz it’s too embarrassing to ask money from my parents and my sister. Good thing one of my friends who owed me money decided to pay. I had at least a thousand bucks to budget for his milk, diapers and wet wipes to last until my oDesk online transfer clears at the bank.

Today, I had to call in sick from my full time job coz I had to catch a deadline for one of my clients. Good thing that for the past weeks, my online earnings is at least 4k compared to this week’s 1800 only. At least I can budget for the electric bills which is overdue already. Damn, sometimes I wish I could just resign from my life you know.

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