Day #43 – Getting back to work

After almost a week of being a full time mom (X’s nanny took her post holiday vacation), it’s now back to work. A lot of stuff going on at the office, of course the server room’s a mess but it was expected considering the network issues we had during the weekend.

I found out last night that Wayne, the IT downstairs is actually a YL’er. Turned out he is Ken’s boyfriend. Definitely a small world. Getting back on track with Younglife is definitely a good choice. Kuya Noel’s message last night was one of the best reminder and very fitting for the start of the year. I should really not worry anymore but lift them all to the Lord.

The girls got a spa day on Saturday! Time to bond with the ladies again. We should probably get a name like “The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants”. Also want to join the club later in the afternoon. Tomorrow got some night out with Ate Jo and Tinkerbell, a bottle or two of beer will do.

Now I have get to get back to some online job hunting!

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