Day #42 – A new day has begun!

Moving on, for real this time. I don’t really have a choice right? He’s moved on and is happy with his life now. And no matter what I do, even if I jump off the cliff, it will not change things. He has made his decision and I will not beg anymore. If he’s forsaken even his son, then that was his choice.

So finally deactivated both Facebook accounts, deleted and blocked him from my YM and Skype accounts (can’t really delete the accounts coz they’re my work accounts too). Changed mobile numbers (and yes, I only informed one of his cousins, just one) but when I get my work phone, I will not use this phone anymore but will stick to that number and will keep only one phone.

New motivation, job hunting! 10 applications sent within 24 hours. I will max out the limit this week and in the upcoming weeks. Going back to YL, I believe they have “Praise & Worship” tonight. I have also decided to light candles at the Cathedral every night (I got a motorcycle already so should not be a problem anymore). Back to diet mode too – 7 lbs lost so far – definitely need to do better.

That’s it for now!

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