Day 18 – Letting go.

Saying goodbye to someone is always a sad story. Despite all the pain that it might have caused you, it’s undeniable that there are still good moments. And the shitty part is when you see things or meet people that brings those memories back. And you struggle to remember the bad times to convince yourself that letting go is the only option. When you’ve allowed someone into your life, down to the deepest core of your soul, it’s not easy to let go.

Some people can call you stupid a hundred times for holding on to something you wish you can still fix but what do they know? They don’t know what you’re going through. They don’t know how broken you have become inside. Sometimes, their comforting words don’t bring comfort anymore even though you know they mean well.

You know that you don’t have a choice but to let go. And when you’ve said your goodbye, you struggle to take things one day at a time. No rush, you gotta pick up your broken self slowly and give it time to heal. You loved, screwed up and everything eventually fucked up, but you don’t have a choice, tomorrow will always come so you have to go through the day. You don’t know how it will turn out but you have to get your act together cause the world is not all about you.

Amidst the chaos and pain, you learned one thing, looks like Christmas is not only a time for loved ones to get together, for giving, laughter, kindness and forgiving, it’s also a time for goodbyes and letting go.

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